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i couldn’t agree more! also, i miss ur stories!

I’m sorry, honey! I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I wrote Romanogers. I’ve been going through crappy stuff at work and then dividing my attentions between fandoms when I’m at home. I’ll be sure to get something posted sometime this week!

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Your stevenat drabbles give me life. They are sooo good. Anyway, I'm waiting for an angsty stevenat fic, some people don't like the angst but I probably breathe for it. Jealous Steve/Natasha or them walking on an excruciatingly long road before they finally reach that happy ending. Thank you and pls don't ever, ever stop writing :)

Thank you so much, sweetie! Unfortunately, I’m one of those “some people” that don’t like angst. Well, I have a love/hate relationship with it, anyway, so you’ll rarely find me writing angst. Even if I do, I tend to do it very lightly and then smother it with fluff at the end so I’m not really sure if that counts as angst, anymore. Everything about almost all the couples I ship is pretty angsty to begin with, so while I’m getting hurt with feels in canon, might as well turn to fanfiction to remedy it with fluff, right?


That’s my excuse, anyway.

snowbarry in 102.

Wow. I haven’t seen anyone make her that angry since Ronnie.

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I get into these moods where I want to stop writing fanfiction altogether and focus on my own stories, and then two hours later, I’ll miss writing fanfiction and decide to try and juggle both when I know from experience is just not possible for me. I really, really should stop writing fanfiction, or at least cut it down significantly in terms of how much time I give it, but it’s really, really hard for me to do that.

Sorry, those asks have been sitting in my inbox for well over a week and I only now remembered that I still needed to reply to them.

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Hi i don't see alot of arthur/mera fanfics on the net and i love your fanfics/drabbles and would love to read a arthur/mera fic of yours hope you can write something anything... :)

I was thinking of drabbling a little something for them in the context of the Arrow!verse or another AU-ish setting, but other than that, no, I haven’t a clue of what to write for them or how to get their characterization down.