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you still uncomfortable?

So since yesterday I’ve:

  • thought up my Chalant in Arrow!verse headcanon
  • saw the new pictures of Colton/Roy in the Arsenal costume
  • came across a Dark Knight Rises gifset of my DC wifey Selina Kyle which hasn’t happened in a loooooooong time
  • saw the picture of Natasha’s bike with Steve’s shield strapped to it
  • and read that said bike is going to be used by Natasha “in an epic scene with Captain America”
  • watched the sneak peak of Arrow Season 3 which had both Olicity cuteness and angst in the same shot but also smut aka: Roy smirking as Arsenel


Do you as a DC fan recommend smallville?

Hard to say, to be honest.

The short answer: if you can get through the first half of the series, then yes, I recommend it because Season 6 and onward is worth it.

I’m not the best person to ask, though. I wasn’t much of a fan until Season 6, so I missed good chunks of plot in the beginning and nothing about it excited me until much later. I mean, the beginning seasons were fine, but they didn’t hook me and I would forget to catch up on it for weeks at a time. Plus, Clark and Lana grew very stale for me very quickly, so that probably had a lot to do with it. I came very close to giving up on it altogether, but then I gave it a last chance with Season 6 and got into it. That began the slow trickle of more Leaguers and DC characters being brought on and that excited me. Plus, you also have all of the beautiful power couples (pun intended), and the slow gathering of the League, and the cameos and characterizations of other DC favorites. Those things made the second half of the series worth it for me.

If you do end up watching it and get to the second half, you can definitely come fangirl with me. I’d tell you my favorite parts now but I don’t want to potentially spoil anything specific.

what? no. i’m just used to being your girl. i mean, not your girl, girl. your girl. i know it sounds like the same word, but it means something different in my head.
hey.  you  will  a l w a y s  be  m y  g i r l,  felicity.

Steve’s shield stuck to the front of Natasha’s new ride just gives me so many feels I need Romanogers more than airshfgaksdhfgaksdhf

It will be interesting to watch Oliver feel the pinch of losing the love of his life. This might actually act as a trigger to make him more expressive about his feelings for his co-vigilante. 

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