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i was just playing around with brush settings nothing big but then i thought DONNA WITH A STARRY CAPE THO i apologize for the messiness

for the freshmen invasion

The unsung heroes.

arrow rewatch: broken dolls [2.03]


that girl’s a genius
she just blows my mind

I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t been so brave.

Oliver is aware of his attraction to her, though he’s hesitant to call it love for a number of reasons. What he feels is too big and immediate to get wrapped up in such a small, treacherous word, overshadowed by what he does and what Felicity believes he can do. Love should be simple and clean, Oliver thinks. He hasn’t felt anything like that in a long time.

[He] wonders when and how she learned to read him; wonders if she can sense, within him, a capacity for gentleness. (x)