drabble: artemis/zatanna

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2,100
Prompt: "Halloween has always been their night." + this fanart

Fill for The Drabble List.

Artemis has, somehow, ended up spending every Halloween with Zatanna since that night they took their motorcycles out for a joyride and had their little adventure with Harm and Greta in Manhattan.

Their second Halloween together, they had a run-in with Harley Quinn in Gotham that may or may not have ended with a few explosions, and the year after that, Batman sent them in undercover to a fancy masquerade party being thrown by a mafia head hiding out in Seoul and they wound up setting the ballroom on fire. Last year was less exciting, because all they did was crash a costume party at an eighteen-and-over club and no one was, you know, trying to kill them or anything. (Well, this guy was hitting on Artemis all night and his girlfriend didn’t find it amusing, so she probably had murderous intentions when she tried shoving Artemis over the side of the balcony. But at least there weren’t any explosions.)

This year, Megan invited them to this frat and basically made it impossible to say no. Seriously, Artemis has no idea when the girl got so manipulative, but she pouted a little and said that she hardly gets to see the two of them even though they see each other all the time and they’ve never spent this holiday together and tonight they finally can.

So, yeah, they go with her to the party.

It’s not that big of a deal, anyway, and Artemis could really use the night out since things with Wally have been stupid lately. It’s nothing serious, and they’re not going to break up or anything, but it’s been extra stressful and this will be a nice distraction.

The only thing is that you need to wear a costume to get in. Apparently it’s tradition or whatever. Artemis could care less, but it was kind of a last-minute notice and so she had to scrap something together. She just grabbed her Gotham Academy uniform from her mom’s and shrank it a little in the wash. The skirt shows a little more of her thighs than it used to, and she can’t button the top three buttons of her blouse over her boobs, but whatever. It’s appropriately sexy and she looks a hell of a lot better than any of girls in slutty costumes. She slipped a headband on, curled her hair a little and did her make-up innocent and moderate, and Wally literally spit out his drink when she walked out of their room.

And Artemis feeling guilty about not spending time with Megan? That’s basically thrown out the window when, after fifteen minutes of arriving, Megan gets whisked away by some friends from her psychology class. Artemis would be pissed, but then she sees Megan dancing and laughing and actually flirting with this cute guy that seems totally into her.

It’s hard to be mad at the girl when she’s having so much fun.

She has no idea where Zatanna is, though.

The girl can make friends wherever she goes and she can sure as hell take care of herself, so Artemis isn’t worried about all of these drunk, stupid college boys swarming in and trying to take advantage of her insanely attractive best friend.

And shit, Artemis is straight and everything, but she can appreciate when a girl looks good and Zatanna? She’s always been pretty, even when she was younger and shyer, but then she grew up and got even sexier and now… Well, people have been staring at her sort of hungrily all night and Artemis doesn’t blame them. She’s supposed to be a biker chick or something. She’s in this lacy, black and white corset and spandex shorts, with fishnets and boots that go up to her knees and a leather jacket and gloves that cutoff at the fingers.

Artemis leans against the wall, takes another sip of her drink as she pushes the thought away. This outfit isn’t very different from the one she wears for the League, the newer one she knows Dick helped her pick out because she had a say in his Nightwing costume, and she’ll never be able to look at Zatanna again if she starts imagining things now.

… …

They last at the party for a little over an hour before they start looking for Megan to tell the girl that they’re calling it a night. Megan doesn’t seem upset that they’re leaving so early, either, just hugs them, says that she loved seeing them and that they should hang out again soon and makes them promise to text in the morning.

They leave the party with their arms linked between them and talk about really random stuff on their way to the zeta tube. She told Wally before she left that she might just crash at Zatanna’s apartment after, because she knew she was probably going to be drunk and the zeta tube near Zatanna’s building is a shorter walk than the one by hers and Wally’s place, and he said that seemed smart. And it’s not like they have to check in with each other all the time, but she texts Wally to let him know they got to the apartment safely and he replies saying that he hopes she had fun and that he’ll see her in the morning and signs the text with ILY. He’s done that for as long as they’ve been together and she actually really loves it.

Fuck, I’m tired.”

Artemis laughs, tosses her phone onto the couch before walking into the bedroom. Zatanna’s kicked off her boots and tossed her gloves and leather jacket onto the floor, and she’s sort of just lying on her bed in her corset and shorts and fishnets. She’s obviously not going to change out of her costume anytime soon, and Artemis doesn’t really feel like it, either, so she just slips out of her Mary Jane’s, peels off her blazer and headband and drops them onto the floor. Then she climbs onto the bed and lies down on her side, facing Zatanna.

"I feel old,” Zatanna says randomly. “We didn’t even party that hard or stay out that late and I’m already lazy.”

Artemis laughs. “Crime-fighting adds a few extra years.”

Seriously.” She exhales, slides her hands over her stomach, and Artemis presses her legs together a little more because she can feel herself getting a little wetter. You can’t really blame her, though, because she’s always a little hornier when she’s drunk and the fact that she can basically see down Zatanna’s corset right now?

Not helping things.

Artemis feels like she could fall asleep in any second, but something (her arousal) is keeping her awake right now and she really hopes it just goes away. Or that Zatanna will fall asleep soon and Artemis can just sneak into the bathroom and take care of herself. It’s wrong to even think like that, but this wouldn’t be the first time that Artemis has been turned on by her best friend before. She’s pictured being with almost all of her friends at one point or another, both guys and girls. They’re all just really attractive, okay? And like, she’s always been loyal to Wally, always been in love with him and probably always will be, but it’s really not her fault that alcohol makes her hormones extra crazy and puts all these images in her head, right?


She closes her eyes, hoping that the exhaustion will just take over and she’ll fall asleep faster.

Except it’s basically the worst call, ever, because then the heat between her legs is all she can think about and she nearly yelps in surprise when something falls on her hip, eyes flying open to see that Zatanna’s on her side now, facing Artemis. She shifts, tangles their legs together a little, and their chests are basically pressed together because she’s so close.

"What’s wrong?" she asks, eyebrows furrowed.

They used to have sleepovers all the time, and because their beds were twin-sized and small, the only way for the both of them to fit was basically for them to cuddle like this. It’s something she only ever does with her and Wally, since Wally’s big on cuddling (of course he is) and apparently so is Zatanna, because it always seems to happen whenever she’s with the girl. Usually Artemis wouldn’t mind it, but right now she’s worried that she’s going to feel how wet Artemis is and it’ll freak her out or make things awkward or something.

"Nothing," Artemis breathes. Zatanna moves her hand lower, plays with the hem of her skirt a little before spreading her fingers over Artemis’s thigh and squeezing lightly, and Artemis squirms as her hand travels down, lingering where the top of her knee-high socks meets her skin. "Zatanna," she says, almost like a warning.

She doesn’t say anything, just hooks her fingers over the bend of Artemis’s knee and tugs her closer. Her other hand is tucked between Artemis’s hip and the mattress, her thumb teasing at the waistband of her skirt, and when Zatanna shifts her leg and ends up pressing against Artemis’s sex, Artemis lets out a moan. Shit. Her head is sort of spinning right now, but she can’t really think of anything because then she’s turned onto her back and Zatanna’s straddling her waist and pressing their lips together. Artemis can’t really move at all with how Zatanna’s sitting on her, which is kind of hot and frustrating at the same time, and she can feel Zatanna’s hands between them as she’s working the buttons of her blouse undone. She pulls her shirt open once she’s done, slips her fingers under her bra and tugs at her nipple, pushing her tongue into Artemis’s mouth when she gasps.

What the hell is happening?

Zatanna shifts, moves one leg underneath Artemis’s and spreads her a little more, her skirt falling around her waist. She grasps Artemis’s wrists and pins them to the pillow above her head, holds them in place with one hand as the other slides down her front, slips under her skirt and…

"Oh, god…”

Artemis moans, tugs against Zatanna’s grip as her fingers ghost over her wet folds. Fuck. Fuck. Then she feels two fingers pressing into her and the sound she makes would’ve been embarrassing if she wasn’t so turned on right now. She bites down on her lip as Zatanna moves in and out of her slowly, but then she curls her fingers as her thumb swipes over her clit and Artemis’s lips fall open as she moans even louder. Clearly, Zatanna’s trying to get her to make all of these little sounds, and Artemis has no energy in her to fight it. Her voice sounds distant for some reason when she asks Artemis if she wants her to stop, and Artemis tries rolling her hips against her hand, squeezes her eyes shut and mumbles, “don’t.”

Zatanna starts moving her fingers again, teasing her bundle of nerves, but then pulls out and spreads her folds as she circles her clit. Artemis is kind of gasping for air, arching, and when she starts alternating between thrusting her fingers and circling her clit, Artemis feels her thigh start trembling. There’s no rhyme or reason to Zatanna’s motions, no pattern for Artemis to try and follow, just these slow strokes and these torturous circles over her nerves and these uneven breaths and sounds coming from the back of Artemis’s throat.

She presses her head against the pillow, cries, “’Tanna,” when she knows she’s so, so close.

Zatanna curls her fingers, rubs circles over Artemis’s nerves and brings her to orgasm within seconds. It’s sudden and makes Artemis feel almost weightless, and she can feel her fingers still working on her as she comes, dragging it out even longer.

Artemis feels like she’s trembling, and even when Zatanna lets go of her wrists, she doesn’t even try moving them, just focuses on steadying her breathing. She’ll ask what the hell that just was as soon as she catches her breath enough to, you know, get any words out, but the question must be in her eyes because Zatanna smiles and shrugs one shoulder.

"Curiosity," she says like it’s an explanation, then smiles a little wider and adds, "And, you know… This is kind of our holiday.”

Artemis laughs breathlessly, because, well, yes, that’s technically true, but still.

But instead of asking one of the dozens of other questions floating around her head, she just watches as Zatanna moves herself between Artemis’s legs, presses her hand against her thigh to spread them a little wider. “Happy Halloween,” she says, and Artemis laughs a little before she feels her tongue swipe up her slit and she dissolves into a moan.

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